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    Cosmetic bag - black

    Cosmetic bag - black

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    • Product description
    A natural, soybean scented candle with the scent of sandalwood is a perfect gift for friends that will bring a nice, festive atmosphere to any home.

    Sandalwood oil has relaxing and calming properties. Its positive effect on well-being was already known in ancient China.

    • Burning time approx. 80h
    • Capacity approx. 300 ml
    • Packaging: black glass and a wooden lid
    • Recommended one-time burning time: up to 4 hours

    Our candle is made of natural ingredients. Soy wax is free from genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides. It is a 100% vegetable wax without the addition of crude oil, paraffin, palm and bee waxes. Product has a certificate.