Partner Zone and the possibilities it gives you

1. I would like to register a new Partner but not always do I have access to the on-line system. Can I use a ready-made form in order to collect contact details and arrange a later date for account registration?

Yes, we have developed an application form through which a Partner may collect information they need about a potential Partner or Customer for later registration. You can download the form here "Application for admission to C.I."

2. Can I prepare business cards using a ready-made design?

Yes, a Partner can prepare business cards using a template. Partner's data will be filled in automatically. 

You can download a business card template here "Business Cards"

Partners order and print their business cards on their own. 

3. In the details of a QW I can see POTENTIAL and SETTLED points. What's the difference between them?

The detailed information on the difference between potential and settled points is available here “VP – Settled vs. Potential" (download)

4. Can I have my order combined with another Partner's package?

Yes, you can. Detailed instructions on how to place a combined order are available here: "How to place a combined order"(download)

5. How does the system calculate my Activity?

You can find the rules for calculating the Activity along with an infographic example here – "New rules for calculating the Activity" (download)

6. How much do I pay for shipping a package?

A full list of forwarding charges is available here "Forwarding Fees" – (download)

7. How and where can I check the status of my shipment?
You can track your package by logging in to your account and clicking on the tab SETTLEMENTS > HISTORY OF ORDERS. When you click on the order code a window will pop up where in the top right corner you will find a link to check the status of your shipment at the delivery service. You will find the tracking number of your package in the same location. If the package has been already released to the courier for delivery, you can generate his/her contact number on the delivery company site.
8. What delivery company will deliver my package?

9. How much time do I have to combine orders?
Orders have to be combined within 8 hours, counting from the moment of placing the "pilot" order. Detailed information on this issue can be found here "How to place a combined order?" (download)
10. I didn't buy anything at the right time and my status has been changed to Customer. How to change the status back to Partner?
The status change option is available in the Partner Zone > Change the Status to Partner. 

The detailed instructions for status change is available in the tab Information > Knowledge Base > Guides > How do I change the status from Customer to Partner?

11. Do I have to be an active Partner to receive a margin on Customer purchase?
No, it's enough to be a Partner.
12. What is the price list in the case of sales to other countries? What will be the point value and their calculation in this case?
The point value of products in all countries is the same. Prices are in the currency of the country of the Partner. For example, if a Partner is registered in Ireland, the price list on the website will be displayed in EUR, a Partner from the UK will see prices in GBP and so on for each EU country. We are currently selling in five currencies. Poland zone – PLN, Bulgaria zone – BGN, United Kingdom zone – GBP, Czech Republic zone – CZK, All Other Countries zone (other countries served within the EU) – EUR

13. I am a Partner registered in Poland; I would like to ship my order to Germany. How to do it?
Partner registered in Poland is operated in the PLN zone, to ship orders to Germany you must change the zone to Euro. You can change the zone by clicking the tab Partner Zone > Editing Data. Change the residence address from Polish into German. After you've saved your changes, you must log out. When you log in again, it will be possible to place an order with shipping to Germany. If you want to ship another package to Poland, it will be necessary to change the address information into Polish again. You do the same in the case when you want to ship a package to a country other than those assigned to the zone in which the Partner is registered.
If you would like to ship your order to the country within your zone, you just change the shipping address. 
E.g.: Spain and Greece are supported in one zone – All Other Countries – so you only need to change the shipping address.

Separate zones in C.I. are Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, and United Kingdom, while other countries belong to All Other Countries zone.

14. What is the requirement to qualify for the Override Commission?
The qualifying requirement, apart from the active status and the required turnover (min. 100 VP on the lesser leg of the tree), is to have one directly sponsored Partner on each side of your Override Commission Tree.
15. Is it possible to combine the store on my own domain with the store on the C.I. domain?
If a Partner has got an online store in their own domain, they will be able to put information on the C.I. store along with a link to it. The opposite situation is unavailable.
16. Will the Colway International products be available for sale outside the Colway International stores? E.g.: Allegro, OLX, online auctions, other beauty supply stores or other online stores? If so, will there be some sort of pricing policy, for example displaying retail prices? Is it possible that someone buys products with a 40% discount and sells them on Allegro with a 35% discount?
The case is more complex than many of you think. On the one hand, we strongly oppose our products be available online on websites other than the Colway International store, which is open to each Partner and their customers. On the other hand, prohibition on the resale of the C.I. products in such a way is not possible, because of the wording of the competition and monopoly law. Therefore, we will be carefully observing the situation for some time. There is a high probability that we will duplicate the solutions that have worked in the Colway, 

However, we will demand to renounce unethical practices of internal competition within the network marketing, and to display recomended selling prices. Likewise for accepting the sales on "markets" or online auctions, but again provided that no dumping prices are offered and there is no price–based competition. We are not authorised to directly prohibit such practices, but we can refuse a number of privileges to persons manifesting the behavior affecting MLM ethics, which we are not restricted from by any provisions. This includes refusing the right to passive income, or to use C.I.'s reserved trademarks and images, etc. In terms of the carrot and stick approach, if we do not use bans (stick), but also by refusing to give carrots, we can make your own trading policies within the Colway International products highly uneconomic. Binding decisions on these issues will be taken by the C.I. S.A. Management Board after the observation period.

We will pay special attention to the actions of the Colway International Partners who have been operating in shops and at auctions for a long time. It seems simple. In the case of chaos, dumping practices and unfair situations, we will start fighting with the secondary online circulation of C.I. products. And if we all are able to develop an effective compromise between the law and our internal regulations (as it is the case now in Colway), we'll try out this solution, at least temporarily.

17. What does the registration of a new Partner from a country other than Poland look like?
Registration of Partners of each Member State of the European Union will look the same. To create an account, a person has to enter their full name, date of birth and a unique e-mail address.
18. Where am I assigned if several people invite me with their links to join their team? To the first one? To the one I choose myself?
The invitation, as the name suggests, gives you the choice. You can accept it or reject it. If you received an invitation from a few persons, you have a choice unless you accept one of them. It is you who decides which of the unique links to "click". After the invitation is accepted and registration is completed, you will be assigned to the specific PARTNER.
19. Has the Partner always got a 40% discount?

20. 'PAID AS' RANK and HIGHEST RANK – how and when does the system update your rank?
Saying about ranks, it is worth recalling how the system qualifies you to specified rank and the difference between the 'PAID AS' RANK and the HIGHEST RANK.
Let's start with the first one: 'PAID AS' RANK is the basis for calculation of commissions in the current Qualifying Week. The system always determines the 'Paid as' rank on the basis of the results attained by a Partner along with the Partners in the downline in the current QW and the three terminated QWs, counting back from the current period. For example, in the 5th Qualifying Week we add the current turnover and the turnover of 3 closed QWs. That is: 5th QW + 4th QW + 3rd QW + 2nd QW. Similarly, the system checks whether the team building requirement has been met, i.e. whether the Partner has a specified number of downline Partners in the rank required for promotion recognition.
Also remember that you need to maintain your active status to be awarded the rank! HIGHEST RANK is acknowledged after 14 days after the end of the QW in which the Partner was qualified for promotion. Therefore, the VPs attained in the 4th QW will be acknowledged after the 6th QW. More specifically, the rank will be displayed in the Partner Zone in the beginning of the 7th QW. Many of you are surprised by the fact that in the 4th QW you had a high 'Paid as' rank, e.g. DIRECTOR, and in the beginning of the 5th QW the rank was changed to PARTNER. This is most commonly associated with the failure to maintain ACTIVITY of the account. It happens that immediately after placing an order worth at least 50 VP the 'Paid as' rank from the previous period is displayed.
21. Is the activity period the same for all Partners?
ACTIVITY for each PARTNER is calculated individually upon placing an order worth 50 VP, or several orders whose value is equal to or greater than 50 VP in one QW. The ACTIVITY lasts for four QWs /CURRENT + 3 FOLLOWING QWs/. Therefore, each of the PARTNERS’ ACTIVITY begins and ends differently.
22. I have not received an activation link. How do I activate my account?
If you have not received an activation link, you can use the option "Is your account inactive?" and send the link on your own. To do this, go to the tab Log In. Under the fields for logging in click the option "Is your account inactive?" When you enter the e-mail address assigned to the account, the system will send you an activation link again. Please note that the links often "land in" various folders: SPAM, Other, Social, Promotions, General. Please check all folders to find the message with the link.
23. I have a problem logging in. What can be the reason for it?
You might have typed your password or login mistakenly.
First, check if the entered data is correct. In the case when the login is correct while the password is entered incorrectly, or you do not remember it, you must use the option "Can't remember your password?” This option is available upon entry in the Menu – Log In, under the fields for logging in: "Can't remember your password?” After the e-mail address is assigned to your account, the system will send you a link to reset your password. You can log in when the new password has been chosen.
To log in you can also use your email address or ID no.

24. What will be the web address of a Partner's store? Will it be a subdomain? For example: If so, how will a subdomain be assigned? 

Your username may not be offensive or obscene. It cannot be a name or phrase reserved by us, either, for example: Collagen.

25. Will I be able to integrate the Colway International store with my own domain store?
No, you will not be able to integrate it with the shop on your own domain.
26. What type of identifier is used by the system? If e-mail address, can the same person sign up in different locations under different e-mails?
The system identifies a new person to sign up at the Colway International by identifying their e-mail address. If it is unique, the system will ask you to enter a unique personal identification number PESEL or the number assigned to the country. The registration process begins. Next you type your login. Note, however, that the choice of login is relevant, because it will be the first part of the name of your online store. Therefore, make sure it is unique as well as prestigous.


1. A product causes allergic reactions. What do I do?
Allergic reaction affects few customers and, unfortunately, this cannot be prevented. Some of the Colway International products (especially the Natural line) have a high-quality, highly concentrated plant extracts that can be natural allergens, therefore we recommend that you test these cosmetics on a small part of your skin.

You can report this situation sending an e-mail to together with the order number or the ordering person contact details.

2. Pack came to me strongly damaged. What do I do in this situation?
In this case, open the parcel and check the status of product. If products are damaged it should be reported to the courier .

The protocol should be sent to the complaint department.

Send a notification to with the order number or data of the person ordering.
3. In a package I found a product that I hadn't ordered. What should I do in this situation?
In this case we send a courier who will deliver the right product and take back the product sent by mistake.

Please pack the product in a box or large envelope and pass it to the courier.

You can report this situation sending an e-mail to together with the order number or the ordering person contact details.
4. One of the ordered products is missing. What should I do in this situation?
First, please check whether the type of products and their quantity comply with the quantity on the invoice.

If you still find that the product is missing, we will forward this report to the warehouse. If it is confirmed that the product was not packed at all, we will send it to the customer at our expense or, after consulting the customer, we will attach it to the next specified order.

You can report this situation sending an e-mail to together with the order number or the ordering person contact details.


1. In the details of a QW I can see POTENTIAL and SETTLED points. What's the difference between them?

The detailed information on the difference between potential and settled points is available here “VP – Settled vs. Potential" (download)

2. How do I take part in the contest, that is how do I use SmartCard?
The detailed instructions for joining the Contest is available under Information > Knowledge Base > Guides/Tutorials 

Here you can download a tutorial "SmartCard – How to use it?"

Note! Keep in mind that the funds received from other users will not be transferred to the card. This form of settlement only covers the funds collected by yourself.

3. Two weeks ago I placed an order but I have not made a bank transfer yet. My order status is "Canceled", why?
The order shall be cancelled if it is not paid for within 5 days.
4. I placed an order on Friday at 9:00 p.m. in the 10th QW. Payment for the order is received by the company only on Monday. In which QW will the order be settled?
The orders are always settled in QWs in which they are placed, even if payment is received in the following period.
5. Till what hour do I need to place an order to have the package sent on the same day?
Until 1.30 p.m.
6. What to type in the traditional transfer title when paying for my order?
Order number. If the payment is made for more than one order, please enter all order numbers.
7. Can I cancel my order on my own?
Yes, a Partner has the ability to cancel orders but only those with the "Awaiting payment" and "Ready for implementation" status. There is no possibility of cancelling orders already processed and sent. 
To cancel your order you must click on SETTLEMENTS > HISTORY OF ORDERS. You can cancel the order by clicking on the red bin on the right side.

8. How often should I issue invoices for Commission?
In the case of persons conducting business the invoice for the organisation of sales network should be issued on a regular basis within 7 days after the Commission has been settled. At least once a month.
9. How to settle the Commission through another user account?
If you want your Commission to be settled by another user, you can do this through the VIRTUAL WALLET. SETTLEMENTS > VIRTUAL WALLET > ADD TRANSACTION. Select: TRANSFER POINTS TO THE USER, CHOOSE AMOUNT and enter the USER LOGIN.
A user to whom you transfer your POINTS can see this action in their VIRTUAL WALLET. To complete the transaction the recipient should confirm it by clicking on CONCLUDE TRANSACTION

10. What should be the due date on the invoice?
7 days
11. To what address do I send invoices?
Electronic invoices shall be sent to


Paper invoices shall be sent to traditional mailing address: Colway International SA 84-207 Koleczkowo ul. Hippiczna 2, POLAND
12. What is the acceptable format of the invoice?
The invoice should be sent to us in electronic form, as a PDF file (invoices submitted in another format such as .doc (Word), and scans of invoices will not be accepted!) to the address, or in a paper form to the mailing address: Colway International SA 84-207 Koleczkowo ul. Hippiczna 2, POLAND
13. What to type in the invoice content?
Commission for the organisation of the sales network.
14. What do I do to have the Commission transferred to my account?
If you are entitled to issue invoices, choose: BUSINESS ACTIVITY and fill in the form providing the details of your company. Then go to MENU > SETTLEMENTS > VIRTUAL WALLET > ADD TRANSACTION. Select: DISBURSEMENT – BUSINESS ACTIVITY, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the invoice number. Send the invoice to Colway International S.A. Hippiczna 2, 84-207 Koleczkowo, POLAND
15. How is the commission in the form of discount on products settled?
When you place your order, once you have selected products go to the shopping cart, confirm your order, and then go to: CUSTOMER DATA. Then choose the option: METHOD OF PAYMENT AND DELIVERY – PAYMENT WITH VIRTUAL WALLET – Now select the amount of your Commission you want to pay in the form of a discount. It may be up to 60% of the value of the ordered products (you cannot pay for advertising materials with the Commission). After its confirmation the system will deduct the amount from your order.
16. How do I decide how to settle my commission?
After you log in to the Partner Zone, select: SETTLEMENTS > METHOD OF SETTLEMENT

Select one of the available options:
  • Discount on products
  • Disbursement – Business activity
  • SmartCard
17. In the details of the Qualifying Week I can see status description: Settled/Disbursed. I haven't withdrawn any gathered funds, what happened to them?
‘Settled’ means that the QW has been shut down by C.I. while ‘Disbursed’ means that the deposit has been transferred to the Virtual Wallet. You can check the amount of your funds in the tab Settlements > Virtual Wallet.