Car Programme

Can you imagine an effective leader without a car? Is it possible to manage a business without a steering wheel? Sure, but... thanks to your work with Colway International, you don’t have to imagine anything! We have a car programme tailor-made especially for you, which includes a wide range of brands – you choose the steering wheel, we add the rest!

In the Colway International car programme, you'll find a selection of very well-equipped, economic cars that do well in urban conditions, as well as premium brands providing comfort and luxury on every kilometre of your journey. A luxury car adds prestige and builds credibility. You’ll also arouse interest in the environment, which is a great excuse to make new connections. With a car like that, your future success is only a matter of time.

What conditions do you need to meet to join the programme?

  1. The first is to obtain (if you haven’t already), and maintain at least Leader rank for a minimum 3 of 4 full Qualifying Periods. Leader rank is not a huge challenge if you think seriously about the business. And if you do, and you’re determined to build a business with C.I., you’ll need a new car branded with our company logo.

  2. The second condition is to sign (on your own behalf and at your own risk and expense), a leasing agreement or a short- or long-term car rental agreement for one of the vehicles in our Car Programme. You’ll do this with a leasing company recommended by Colway International on special, advantageous terms negotiated by us. This process may be preceded by the leasing company performing its own internal credit check on you.

  3. The car needs to be branded with our logo.

  4. The condition for receiving a car repayment bonus from us for a higher rank is to maintain your higher rank. However, if you don’t maintain the higher rank, we’ll calculate your car repayment bonus from your lower rank. For example, if you don’t maintain Director rank, we’ll calculate your car payment bonus based on the Vice-Director rank.

    Car repayment bonuses are settled on a monthly basis, generally by the 5th day of each calendar month. We reserve the right to postpone the date of calculation of your car repayment bonus in a given calendar month, in the case of discrepancies between Qualifying Periods and the length of the calendar month. However, the individual Qualifying Periods cannot overlap when calculating the car repayment bonus. Car repayment bonuses are net figures, and will be paid based on a VAT invoice issued by the Partner (yourself).

Car program
Premium in QP Rank
25 QP per QW Leader
40 QP per QW Vice Director
50 QP per QW Director
100 QP per QW Vice President
150 QP per QW President
200 QP per QW International President

You need to maintain your paid rank to get a corresponding bonus. If you do not meet this requirement, you will receive a bonus according to your actual paid rank.

Is the car bonus worth getting?
Just read what the Partners who got them said:

We felt special and recognised. We opened the car’s door and saw a beautiful bunch of flowers, quality champagne and a recognition letter. We were deeply moved. I was flabbergasted seeing all these. It was also important for all our family. Our daughter instantlyt loved the car. She said she was very proud of us, says

- Agnieszka Chyćko and Henryk Lipa who collected the very first Colway International bonus BMW.

Super hybrid, drives smoothly. My first impressions? Great. These moments are worth working for. This is a luxurious car brand, top class. Doesn’t it look feminine?

– Grażyna Polańska talks about her first drive impressions in her Colway International branded Lexus.

And you? When will YOU grab the wheel?


International conferences

As a reward for being active, the best Partners can participate in international conferences. A few day’s stay in a luxurious resort combines two benefits – a learning opportunity and team building. In 2015 Colway International Partners spent one of the last summer weeks in a picturesque island Fuerteventura. Combining pleasant and useful, the leaders were learning, relaxing, competing in the Colway games, and sightseeing. They had a fantastic training opportunity, enjoyed fabulous dinners, Gala, meetings and discussions. Wind in your hair, sea breeze and gorgeous sun – this is what our Partners will keep dreaming about for a long time. But next year, you can qualify to take part in another great Colway’s adventure – the International Conference 2016. Make sure you know how to qualify:

Dubai 2017

Dubai 2017. Luxury that inspires. A place of magical power, where dreams become reality. The winds that blow here will take you into the future, awakening your mind and refreshing your spirit...

Dubai has become a popular destination thanks to its innovative and ambitious construction projects, spectacular sporting events, business conferences and Guinness World Records. But how is it possible that the most modern city in the world was developed in a desert in just 40 years? Simple – if you free your imagination, believe you can accomplish your goals and bring the right people to the project, anything’s possible! That’s why, in 2017 we’re holding the Third Colway International Conference here. Keep reading, and see what you’ll have to do to join us!


Addtional Benefits Program

Colway International reward the most active. Additional Benefits Program supports all Colway International Partners who want to promote their business on fairs, exhibitions, conferences, networking events etc. You organise your event and everything that it involves, Colway International subsidise it by providing available marketing tools including leaflets, banners or stalls. The amount of available financing is related to a Partner’s sales volume.

To be able to get a subsidy, you need to qualify and maintain the Vice Director rank in the current qualifying week. Another very important condition is to obtain Colway International’s consent before the event. Do you have a plan already? Would you like to take part in an event? Send your proposal to

For each Vice Director we provide a marketing budget of 1.5% of the personal downline organisation volume in a current qualifying week, excluding Vice Director or a higher rank and their organisation in the downline.

The marketing budget is calculated every four QW and executed within 28 days after the last QW is settled. All you need to do is to obtain a consent first, then issue an invoice showing you expenses and include the copy of an original proof of any payments you made.

We can also support you with some chosen products or marketing materials we stock at the partner’s cost.

If you are a new Partner and you are at the beginning of your career – talk to your Vice Director who will definitely help you.

Jeżeli dopiero zaczynasz współpracę z Colway International, a chcesz wziąć udział w targach lub lokalnym wydarzeniu, zgłoś się do swojego Vice Directora – z pewnością chętnie wypożyczy dla Ciebie materiały i pomoże Ci w organizacji stoiska.

Is it worth taking part in Additional Benefits Program?

Additional Benefits Program is another great tool which is really helpful in building our business.

Our team takes part in prospecting events very often. We go to different parts of Poland to spread the word about the company and get new contacts. It is not always possible to finance it by ourselves because some of the events are really expensive. Then, we obtain the money from Additional Benefits Program. We do our best to support those Partners who are active and business orientated and who generate sales volume, and allocate financing accordingly.

The program also supports our internal competitions. We organised a competition for Magda Bartosik-Bordulak’s team. All Partners who qualified as Managers received an invitation for the conference in Grodzisk Wielkopolski on 23rd January 2016. The company also provided professional stalls. They are really useful for exhibitions and fairs, or when we organise Colway International Open Days. The Company look after us and if we use the Program wisely the benefits are immense

- says Anna Dratwińska, Colway International Vice President.