Welcome to the world of Colway International!

Welcome to the world of Colway International!

Welcome to the world of Colway International!

Are you looking for effective rejuvenating products? Do you want to influence your appearance and well-being? You've come to the right place!

Colway International The Collagen Company began its history with a ground-breaking discovery of Polish biotechnology and a huge cosmetic sensation! Thanks to the discoveries of Polish scientists, it was possible to create Native Collagens - temperature-resistant collagen gels, i.e. those that do not lose their care properties even at high temperatures.

But what is collagen?

Collagen is the protein of youth, which constitutes over 30% of the mass of human proteome and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, it forms an elastic mesh in the dermis, which gives the skin elasticity and firmness, it binds water and lipophilic substances and determines the condition of the connective tissue, that is, in fact, the condition of the whole organism.

Collagen production is disturbed already after the age of 25, when the inevitable process of gradual collagen disappearance begins.

Native Collagens - collagen gels with a skin-friendly pH, unlike thousands of creams, do not fight the effects of skin aging, but they hit the cause - collagen deficiency.

See how they work:

Colway International will not keep you young forever. But it will guarantee that you will feel and see the difference in your appearance and well-being. Dietary supplements composed of natural ingredients with a beneficial effect on the human body will help you with this. They are distinguished by the quality and selectivity of the chosen substrates and the technology of their acquisition.

Collagen in the human body is like reinforcement in a building. It occurs in many varieties, in various tissues, creating a kind of supporting structure. As cells age, they become lethargic and reluctant to work, so to support your body and slow down the aging process:

We created Collup 

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