Great January sale at Colway International

Great January sale at Colway International

Take more from life in 2020!

The first month of the year is a real treat for everyone hunting for special occasions.

If you value comfort and convenience, the fight for discounted products with a raging crowd and queues at the checkouts drive you crazy, you should definitely try online sales! Without sweat and nerves, in your own home, with a cup of coffee, but much, much gainful.

We wish you to take more from life in 2020 and we give you more since January - great quality at excellent sale prices. At Colway International you will find additional discounts up to -30%! Choose, order as much as you want, pick up the package and enjoy the great opportunity, unparalleled quality and affordable price!

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January sale - rules

  • The promotion lasts from 2 to 4 Qualifying Weeks (i.e. from 7th to 27th of January).
  • Available from Member status
  • At the beginning of each sale Settlement Period you will receive a newsletter with a list of promotions in a given week (given QW).
  • The beginning of a new QW means the end of the previous week's promotion, so don't drag your feet!
  • The promotion for a given cosmetic or dietary supplement is only valid while stocks last.

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