Who are you?

Who are you?

Do you see new challenges each day and you look optimistically towards your future? Do you notice new opportunities and potential sources of joy? Do you love life and love to share the happiness? Do you believe that you can enchant the reality and the universe will fulfill your every wish? So you're an incorrect optimist!

Do you know how true Optimism smells?

Optimism She

A fragrance created for a modern successful woman. Are you independent and spontaneous? Do you have high spirits? Are you boldly looking into your future? You fall in love with this fragrance at the first sight! "Optimism SHE" is full of warmth and joy just like you! The seductive fragrance of rose is a real manifesto of femininity. Juicy, sweet raspberries and red currants connote the appetite for life. The sandalwood accords express delicacy, the musk wraps with warmth.

raspberry, redcurrant, rose, a touch of musk and sandalwood

50 ml

Optimism He

The fragrance designed for modern and elegant men. It was created for optimists who like challenges, eternally young - regardless of age. Adventure enthusiasts will feel good in it. This is a product dedicated to men who are not afraid of originality and like unparalleled fragrance notes. In "Optimism HE" fresh wood notes reveal wild secrets, sensual musk embraces and captivates. The green lemons are intertwined with a drop of the rose absolute in a bold game that symbolizes youth and strength. Modernity and elegance of the fragrance are complemented by warm cardamom. A perverse and bold smell, just like you!

 Musk, cardamom, woody notes, green lemons and a drop of rose absolute

50 ml

Share the Optimism. Every day!

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