A sound mind in a sound body!

A sound mind in a sound body!

A sound mind in a sound body!

The November weather outside the window does not pamper, and thus makes you reflect on our health and the need to take care of immunity. We say: a sound mind in a sound body! Banality? Definitely not!

The fact is that people who regularly go outside to exercise are less likely to catch a cold. During physical activity, the level of stress is reduced, and the efficiency of the heart and respiratory system is improved. In a word - exercise equals health! So let's find at least 30 minutes for a training at least 3 times a week to enjoy better immunity soon.

Remember, you don't have to be an athlete to play sports ? Any type of exercise is good, and the best is the one you enjoy! Swimming, roller blading, walking, Nordic walking, jogging? Of course! Whatever you want!

We want to encourage you to exercise and that is why we have prepared sets that will support you in your challenge and make training even more enjoyable. Choose something for yourself!

Never Give Up! set

No matter what sport you practice, never give up and train regularly, even when it’s raining cats and dogs and it’s windy outside your window. Strengthening the body is a process, don't stop it. However, take care of your skin, which is exposed to unfavourable weather conditions. You can fit water and a towel for training in a light and handy sackpack ?

• Nourishing hand cream

• Restorative face cream from DNA line

• Collagen Lip Care

• Sackpack

Mission Impossible set

You are invincible! You know the impossible is possible. You have proved it to yourself many times by opening the doors of the training room or by getting on the bike. Especially for real 'fighters' we have prepared a set with an irreplaceable sports bag:

• Nourishing hand cream

• Ultra Facial cream for men

• Deo roll on

• Native Collagen Pure

• Sports bag with the CI logo

After Training set

You will be happy to shower after each workout. Cool water will put you back on your feet!

Or maybe you will be tempted by a body massage, alternating hot and cold water? Whatever you choose, wrap yourself in a soft microfiber towel after showering.

• Body balm

• Body Scrub

• Intimate Hygiene Gel

• Happy Summer towel

Break The Rules set

Are you actively working on achieving your dream figure and your goal is close? We offer you an additional support in the form of dietary supplements that will give you energy, vitality and help to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.

• CollUP

• SlimCol

• xShot

High Immunity Kit

Take care of the immunity of your whole family. Give your loved ones the essence of nature - two vitamins that play a key role in increasing immunity - vitamin D and vitamin C - in the best formulas, additionally enriched with important micro and macro elements.

• ColamiD

•Vitamin C

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At Colway International, we believe that the good we do returns with doubled strength. The end of the year is favourable for summaries, we often ask ourselves what was this year like for me. Do not wait until New Year's Eve and ask yourself today if I gave my 100% or helped someone who needed my helping hand. This year, we all passed the exam in solidarity, empathy and the ability to bring selfless help.

Colway International has decided to support the youngest - children from the Family Orphanage in Gniew, which is currently inhabited by 13 kids aged 6 weeks to 10 years.

We will provide the facility with our products: Baby wash gels for children, hand soaps with collagen, toothpastes with collagen, as well as other necessary hygiene articles and Santa gifts.

You can also join the Charity Action! How?

Place an order for at least 50 VP, and 5 PLN from your order will be transferred to the purchase of the necessary things for small children of the Family Orphanage in Gniew.

* all orders from the Customer status and above, placed for at least 50 VP.

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