Transition period: we are limiting  foil packaging of products

Transition period: we are limiting foil packaging of products

Changes under „ better  more ECO” are continuing! After the introduction of smaller carton boxes and biodegradable filler that we have tested, it’s time to minimize the use of plastics and useless materials in packaging of  Colway International cosmetics.

From 2021 European Union will ban the use of all plastic disposable products with alternative solutions. Meeting requirements regarding limitation of one off plastic packing, , we are gradually limiting use of plastic foiling .

Foiling packaging aims to protect products and give them an esthetic outlook. Limiting to the function of protecting products we are contributing to reduction of plastic materials stored in our environment.

This process has already started. We are now in transition period. One part of products can arrive with plastic packing, other part without plastic packing and without the protection seal and the last part of products may arrive without plastic packing but with the protection seal.

Our target is to pack cosmetics Colway International using the minimum possible materials.

Cosmetics in airless jars we will put into cartons without foil and the jar will be protected with the protection seal to guarantee that the top wasn’t opened.

Packing boxes already with the foil ( f.e with the membrane under the nut / protection locking ring ) will remain unchanged, where it will be possible we will resign from carton boxes. 

Some products in tubes we seal with foil that cover only the nut.

We believe in your understanding. We are creating the world for our children. We believe that together of small actions will give a big change.


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