The best-selling Omega Complex is back on sale!

The best-selling Omega Complex is back on sale!

Omega Complex returns to Colway International’s range in new packaging and with a longer expiration date. It’s ready to conquer the world! But why is it so special?

Using the latest scientific knowledge, we looked into exactly how this supplement could be better composed, and why the balance of fatty acids in it is so important. 

Fish oil, an essential ingredient in Omega Complex, is a highly standardized part of desirable fatty acids and is very meticulously tested – not only upon its importation into the country, but also after the final composition has been formulated. This means that we know the exact EPA and DHA content of each capsule of our Omega Complex. 

The delicate DHA acid used in our supplement is a highly important part of the daily diet, and is usually only derived from fish. However, we also source it from an exceptional type of algae that produces fatty acids with the properties of animal acids! 

We are now offering you the world’s one and only comprehensive Omega-based dietary supplement containing Superoxide Dissimmutase! We’ve added it to the composition of our new Omega Complex, in accordance with EU regulations, to ‘protect’ its oils. While we’re all aware of the amazing antioxidant properties of Dismutase, this is still one of the most interesting supplementary ingredients of our times.