S A L E & Welcome at Colway International!

S A L E & Welcome at Colway International!

The start of the Big Sale at Colway International starts on 8th of January! The prices of selected products are going down by as much as 50%. Hurry up, because this carnival madness will last only until 28th  of January or while stocks last. The most interesting occasions will certainly disappear from the storage shelves within a few days. Together with the sale, we launch the New Year's firecracker - Welcome Program. Each Member registered in Welcome Program can buy any number of products at sale prices!

All products with an additional discount will be available from 8.01.19 in the "Promotions" tab:,17,1.html

New year, new You!

We have prepared for you 14 products at sensational prices. This year's sale under the slogan "New year, new you" encourages New Year's metamorphosis with Colway International products.

Goal No. 1: Welcome every day with a smile

Smile in 2019 as often as possible! Nothing improves your mood like the sight of a beautiful white smile every day. Are your teeth far to snow white? Try collagen paste, Colway International’s 2018 bestseller. The paste thoroughly cleans teeth, whitens and moreover soothes irritated gums. In January crazy sale, you can buy it with an additional 15% discount.

Goal No. 2: Pack a sports bag

Are you starting an active new year? Do you want to start 2019 with a clean slate, healthy and with power? Throw in a sports bag Gentle Face Cleanser (10% cheaper), Deeply hydrating body balm (15% cheaper), Ultra moisture night cream (in winter, ideal as a day cream - as much as 20% cheaper). Even after a quick shower in the gym, swimming in a pool or sauna, the skin will be moisturized and nourished.

Do not forget about Magnesium Complex supporting the functioning of muscles - 10% cheaper. For men, as a complement to care, we recommend Ultra Facial cream for men at a price lower by 10%.

Goal No. 3: Look radiant and beautiful - every day

Did you promise yourself that in the new year, your skin will be smooth, refreshed and radiant? Do you want to look fresh and beautiful every day? Regularly - in the morning and in the evening, pat on a moist face and neckline Native DNA Collagen (10% cheaper). After collagen is absorbed, apply an anti-oxidant face cream from the Natural line (at a lower price by as much as 50%).

If you have gray, tired skin with visible signs of aging, replace the Cream from Natural line with a Rejuvenating face cream with an additional 15% discount. For the first week of collagen treatment add to the rejuvenating ritual an ampoule of Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate (30% cheaper).

Goal No. 4: Return to nature

Nature delights with its priceless wealth. Enjoy it every day. Just as nature renews its inexhaustible resources, you too can take care of your beauty with natural products. The January sale is an opportunity to add some antioxidant power to the whole body. Apply on damp hair after washing, Hair Serum with argan oil and wheat germ oil (40% cheaper), which perfectly regenerates split ends, moisturizes hair. Strengthens them, gives them shine, induces their faster growth.

Take care of your body with Face and body serum that slows skin aging and perfectly improves its appearance.

Apply anti-age capsules that contain orthomolecules of plant fluids from organic farming. The uniqueness of the composition is based on a strong anti-aging effect, with a special mitigating action. Now 30% cheaper!

Goal No. 5: Take small pleasures

Small, tiny things that cause a smile on your face, can dispel even the darkest clouds. Throw a small, colorful Hand cream with collagen into the bag (20% cheaper). Take it out as often as possible! Your hands will be grateful and you will forget about hard, unruly peels, chapped skin and brittle nails.

Welcome Program

We enter the new year with a great energy ... and our irreplaceable collagen! From 8th of January, together with the sale, the Welcome Program starts. New people can set up Member accounts up to 28th of January for 1 PLN, 1EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK providing they will place an order for a minimum of 1VP.

Orders for min. 50 VP will be additionally rewarded with the opportunity of purchasing Native Pure Collagen at the price of 29.90 PLN, 7.90 EUR, 5.90 GBP, 199 CZK!


Sale: 8/1/2019 - 28/1/2019, 2/19 QW - 4/19 QW (or while stocks last).


% of discount

Face cream Natural


Hair serum Natural


Face and body serum Natural


Anti Age Capsules Natural


Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate DNA


Native Collagen DNA


Hand Cream 30 ml Hydro


Ultra moisture night cream Hydro


Deeply hydrating body balm Hydro


Gentle face clenser Hydro


Rejuvenating face cream AntiAge


Ultra facial cream for men Force


Collagen toothpaste S&S


Magnesium Complex


Welcome Program: 8/1/2019 - 28/1/2019, 2/19 QW - 4/19 QW.

Order min. 1 VP = registration 1 PLN, 1 EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK.

Order min. 50 VP = registration 1 PLN, 1 EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK and Pure Native Collagen for 29.90 PLN, 7.90 EUR, 5.90 GBP, 199 CZK.

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