Rebuilding DNA cream now in stock!

Rebuilding DNA cream now in stock!

Regenerating face cream slows down the appearance of noticeable signs of aging, rebuilds the skin and maintains regeneration processes to preserve its beauty. This is the latest generation cream with a formula that provides a four-level anti-aging effect. It protects cells from oxidative stress, helps to rebuild the cell matrix, intensifies cell renewal processes, it moisturizes and stimulates collagen synthesis. The multi-directional care, that we have created on the basis of 15 active ingredients, combines the corrective action of peptides, powerful antioxidants, DNA and RNA and growth hormones that stimulate DNA repair processes. The composition has been enriched with valuable, natural oils that provide strong nourishment to the skin and the restoration of its lipid coat.

The night formula of the DNA cream has been rebranded. The cream gained a new name and Airless packaging.

For whom?

From the beginning, rich but quickly absorbing formula of the cream made it possible to use it as a night or a day cream. As a day care we recommended it especially in the colder months of the year. For mature skin it is an excellent regenerating cosmetic for every time of the day and year.

Daily functions of the Rebuilding DNA cream

At night, the cream calms and nourishes, and during the day it effectively relieves symptoms of stress, irritation and fatigue visible on the skin. The natural composition of oils (tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba oil) is a physical filter that protects against UV radiation. It is a natural alternative to penetrating the barrier of the epidermis, chemical SPF filters. The oils rebuild the outer hydro-lipid layer of the skin, stimulating natural protective processes in it.

Can Rebuilding DNA cream be used under make-up?

Yes! Its thick, rich formula absorbs quickly, enabling the foundation to be spread.

New Airless packaging

The new packaging of the cream has many advantages. Opaque Airless protects against light and evaporation of water from the product, and the application system prevents the backflow of the cosmetic mass inside the packaging, so the substance remains protected against the transfer of bacteria from the fingertips. The packaging limits the access of air to the cosmetic, which extends the life of the preparation.

We say "yes!" to the planet, no to plastic film

From 2021, the EU ban on the use of plastic disposable items will include products for which there are alternatives. In order to meet the limitation of plastic, disposable packaging, we successively give up wrapping our products in plastic. The packaging of the Rebuilding DNA cream will not be covered in foil.

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