Prepare your body for spring!

Prepare your body for spring!

Wake up, spring is coming! Nature is waking up all around you, and you... feel tired and run down?

March changing into April is a difficult time – instead of enthusiastically taking up new activities, we feel like hiding under a warm duvet and not getting out of bed. The prolonged lack of sun negatively affects your physical and mental health. Even if you took care of your diet in winter, your body is exhausted – we’re still lacking enough vitamins and microelements. We lack strength, because we’ve  completely run out of fuel... 

Well, now you can recharge yourself with our Total supplements, containing a comprehensive set of highly bioavailable essential vitamins and minerals of organic origin. We recommend Total for Men and Total for Women to perfectly complement your everyday nutrition in early spring.

Both dietary supplements are available from Colway International only while stocks last. Despite their excellent composition and very favourable price-to-quality ratio, we must finally say goodbye to the line. Why? Because you convinced us that you need a more universal preparation...

Fans and regular users of the Total line are encouraged to buy more – there won’t be such a good price on these supplements anymore!

Stocks of Total for Men are likely to run out sooner. However, Total for Women should be with us until at least the summer. 

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