New Design, Same Formula: Deeply hydrating body balm

New Design, Same Formula: Deeply hydrating body balm

In the current qualifying period, as with a magic wand, our Hydro body balms change shape from a tube into a round and light plastic jars that can be further recycled. Why our eco-magician has decided to change the form of the balm packaging?

The most important argument is the #ZeroWaste philosophy, hailed in cosmetics as the global eco trend of 2019. One of the pillars of Zero Waste is to avoid the broadly understood consumption of those products that we cannot use to the end.

We want you to be able to use our cosmetics with pleasure without wasting anything. Have you tried squeezing the cosmetic product from the tube up to the last drop? It is impossible.

The new packaging design will facilitate the pleasant use of the cosmetic even when there is not much left - without anaesthetic and unsanitary cutting of the tube.

Thanks to this treatment, we can also limit the amount of material used for production of packaging without changing the price of the product.

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