Make your own Christmas Kit!

Make your own Christmas Kit!

Vitamin C-olway with collagen for your sister? Express Lift Mask for the best friend? Collagen Native DNA as a gift for your beloved grandmother? No matter what your gift idea is, now you can pack it in the red Christmas gift packaging "Enjoy Magical Time" by Colway International!

The gift packaging does not have to be boring. In an original packaging, the gift will be much more attractive, and you can put inside the packaging whatever you want.

Order a set of five pieces of Christmas packaging at a promotional price and put inside them everything you want!

Note - we suggest – the best looking in our Christmas packaging are Colway International products

Christmas packaging - 5 pieces,

  • 15 PLN
  • 3.9 EUR
  • 3.5 GBP
  • 99 KCZ
  • 0 PZ
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