Joyful return to school BAG WITH SURPRISE

Joyful return to school BAG WITH SURPRISE

Sack packs "Stay young with collagen" are the hit of the summer 2019. Should we say goodbye to them with the arrival of the school year? No! In the big sack made with a thick cotton in a vivid orange colour, your children can carry a swimsuit for the swimming lessons or an outfit for PE, lunch or materials for extracurricular activities. Let's not pack Happy Summer holiday gadgets at the bottom of the wardrobe, and the beautiful weather will stay with us longer. Especially for returning to school, we have prepared a surprise for you. And to be exact ... a sack with a surprise.

From 36/19 QW (i.e. from 3rd of September), for the entire 3 weeks in our offer there will be available bags with surprise. These are our sack packs with products inside. In each of the sack packs you will find a set of cosmetics or dietary supplements worth approximately 340 PLN. You can order a sack pack with a surprise IN THE RETAIL PRICE OF 169 PLN AND 11 VP

What is the surprise? You cannot choose the set you order. It will come to you randomly.

Warning! We will exchange sets once a day. This means that if you add several surprise bags to one order, you will receive the same set of products.

What sets can you draw?

1. Sack pack Stay Young With Collagen + ColamiD + Collaceina;

2. Sack pack Stay Young With Collagen + Toothpaste with collagen + Body sculpting and firming AntiAge serum + Capsules Anti-Age Natural;

3. Sack pack Stay Young With Collagen + Hair Serum Natural + Body sculpting and firming serum  AntiAge;

4. Sack pack Stay Young With Collagen + Face Serum Natural + Body sculpting and firming serum  AntiAge;

Duration of the promotion: 36 / 19-38 / 19 QW, i.e. 3-23.09.19

Promotion available from Member rank.


We will miss the Happy Summer programs. We have great news for you to wipe away your tears. One of the programs will stay with us permanently! Starting September 3rd Welcome Program is being permanent at Colway International.

  • First order in min. 50 VP results in a symbolic subscription fee of 1 PLN 1 (1 EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK).
  • The first order for less than 50 VP results in a subscription fee of 39 PLN (9,90 EUR).

Take advantage of the new registration rules, invite new people, order sack packs with a surprise and have fun!

Soon you will find more useful tools and business information. Finally, we remind you about the Formula of Success - tell at least one person a day what you do, and your business will accelerate like a plane to China with Colway International Partners!


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