Happy Summer 2017!

Happy Summer 2017!

Running a business with Colway International in the summer is fun, spontaneous and natural. It’s made even more exciting by the networking opportunities that prospecting activities bring, potential new employees you can meet during holiday trips and attractive product prices for active partners! It’s the perfect time to make the best of your talents out in the open air, under the summer sky! 

Have you seen the opportunities we’ve prepared for you? They will turn your summer love affair with Colway International into a long, stable and highly beneficial relationship. The campaign will run for two months, but the earlier you get to know it, the more you’ll gain from it! 

Duration: from QW 24/17 (13 June 2017) to QW 35/17 (4 September 2017)

Give me five!

Give your new friends a high-five and build five-person dream teams! Invite five people with an order of at least 50 VP, in two stages, to work with us and collect an additional 25 QP. Now all partners can collect an additional QP – this applies both to new partners and those registered before who haven’t yet invited anyone to the business.  

If you invite two people with an order of at least 50 VP, you will receive an additional 10 QP! What’s more, thanks to active people that you invite, you’ll be awarded business status and will be able to benefit from your first commissions. 

If you invite another three people with an order of at least 50 VP, you’ll receive even more Qualifying Points – not 10 but 15 QP! This is already the beginning of a team which, if well managed, can guarantee a stable income, membership in the car scheme, participation in the International Conference and other benefits. 

The condition for receiving the “Give me five” bonus is that all participants must be active at the same time within the same settlement period. 

*As long as the first recruited person is active, you can recruit another person and receive your first bonus – 10 QP, even until 4 September (Happy Summer end date). 

*People who count for your additional “Give me five” bonus do not have to be invited one after another. If one person has already joined, and you want to invite another who will register as a partner but without placing an order of at least 50 VP, you can still invite another person. If this person places an order of least 50 VP, you will receive the bonus. 

*If one person has already joined and you want to invite another, who will register as a partner without placing an order of at least 50 VP but then place an order in subsequent weeks, this person will count toward your bonus once they become active. 

Welcome Program 

Invite people to join us at the cost of only GBP 1 and recommend our cosmetics and dietary supplements while you’re on holiday – at great prices! Make it natural - take them with you on summer trips. Show the world how to look beautiful and feel great! Show off the benefits from the get-go and soon you’ll be giving somebody a high-five!

At the first and second stage, you can choose between two product offers with great prices. 

Stage 1: Place your first order of at least 50 VP and select your prize for only PLN 19! (EUR 5, GBP 4, CZK 120)


Intensive hydro-lifting eye serum

Partner account = PLN 39 PLN 1 (EUR 1, GBP 1, CZK 10)

Stage 2: Place your second order of at least 50 VP and select a bestseller or a set of bestsellers for only PLN 49! (EUR 12, GBP 9, CZK 310)

Collagen DNA

Vitamin C-olway + Magnesium Complex

The Summer Welcome Program is open to: 

  • partners who haven’t placed any orders yet, 
  • people who haven’t clicked on the activation link,
  • people who are upgrading their status from client to partner. 

The Summer Welcome Program is not open to:

people who are extending their partner status at the time, i.e. those who are buying a subscription. 

Partners can place a second order until the end of the Happy Summer 2017 campaign. 

2 in 1

Basking in the summer sun, our products magically double! You can buy the products listed above as sets, from the beginning of the Happy Summer campaign for as long as stocks last. Buy one, get one free! 

  • Natural hair shampoo
  • Hydro moisturising body balm
  • Natural body scrub

*The purchase of one product in the online shop does not guarantee that you will automatically receive two items. To benefit from the promotion, order a set of products from the promotions tab. 

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