Happy Kids 2021

Happy Kids 2021

The lack of entertainment and games takes its toll on children. It's a fact! That is why we’ve decided to tell you what to do and where to go with your children so that you do not get bored. Maybe one of our proposals will appeal to you

. • Take the children for an evening walk with festive illuminations or a walk with flashlights. Prepare tasks for the child to be performed during the walk, put them in a small bag and draw a card at the designated points. The challenges can be different: from logical puzzles to agility challenges. And if you're lucky because snow has just fallen, why not build a snowman together?

• Look around for the Forest Botanical Gardens. Go there to watch the sleeping, winter nature. Look for animal tracks together and listen to the sounds of the forest.

• Take care of the birds - make a bird feeder, look for seeds for the birds, observe what bird guests visit you. When walking together, try to guess the names of the birds by their singing.

• If you have an open gym nearby, you can go there together. An outdoor gym will also be a good idea. The daily dose of exercise is extremely important because ‘in a healthy body, a healthy mind’.

• Plan a menu for winter time together, maybe you will dare to take a culinary journey around the world, or maybe every day a different member of the household will play the role of a chef, and the rest of them will become his helpers?Another great idea is baking and decorating cookies together.

Whatever activities you choose, remember to follow daily hygiene and we will help you with that.

Especially for all kids, we have created:

Happy Kids Set,

With which taking care of the hygiene will be even easier. Included:

Baby wash gel,

Toothpaste with collagen,

plus: a colouring book and a handy sack pack that will contain all the treasures found during walks.

We have one more surprise!

Buy the Happy Kids Set and get a colourful Happy Kids towel for only 3,59 EUR or 3,09 GBP. This towel will appeal to every child and encourage them to wash their hands frequently.


1/21 QW-2/21 QW

(i.e. 05.01.2021 – 18.01.2021)

or while stocks last

… And since every adult sometimes wants to feel like a child, we also have something for the "big ones" 

Two great body care products:

Body Firming Serum and Deeply Hydrating Body Balm,

In a great price offer! Check it out!

During these holidays, rest and have fun with Colway International!

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