Hand soap with collagen already on sale!

Hand soap with collagen already on sale!

An active and intense lifestyle means that we have contact with many people every day. We touch countless items every day. Everyone knows how important hand hygiene is. We try to remember it, but ... how important is proper, skin-friendly hygiene of hands - we often forget about it. Meanwhile, the skin of our hands is drying faster than the skin of the face!

Problem No.1: Aging and drying of hands

Hands tend to dry quickly because their surface is low in fat. Elastin and collagen are much faster degraded there, so signs of skin aging are much more visible. One look at the hands of someone we talk to is enough to know more or less which number begins his or her PESEL.

Problem No. 2: Dry, rough hands after washing

Your family (or maybe you too?) does not like to wash their hands frequently, because after washing the hands are uncomfortably rough and dry? This feeling is caused by soaps with aggressive cleaning substances, destroying the natural lipid barrier of the skin.

Solve problems of hand skin care and make everyday hand hygiene a pure pleasure! Do you need a cosmetic for hand washing for the whole family, having regenerating, moisturizing, soothing properties and a formula supplemented with youth protein, collagen? Try the new Hand soap with collagen from Colway International present in Safe & Save line. It's a product that every one of us needs.

Hand soap with collagen has a delicate formula that, even with frequent use, does not dry the skin of your hands. Rich composition of natural oils: rice, almond, Shea butter and peach seeds effectively nourishes the skin of the hands, taking care of its lipid barrier. Collagen and vitamin E support the regeneration of the skin. Panthenol soothes irritations and improves hydration of the epidermis. Thanks to the use of delicate cleaning substances for sensitive skin, even after repeated handwashing your skin will be smooth and soft.

We recommend: for the whole family

  • Mild cleaning substances
  • Natural oils

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