Hand cream from Hydro line- new packaging design!

Hand cream from Hydro line- new packaging design!

The Hand cream from Hydro line, beloved by our Customers and Partners, has received a new packaging, harmonizing with the image of the entire line.

The composition has been supplemented with precious algae bio ferment - the active ingredient you know from Delicate foaming face wash, Micellar Water and Intensive Moisture Face Cream.

The cream preservative system has become even more delicate and skin-friendly.

Users think that hand cream will be the same cosmetic that you know and appreciate. How much? Take a look:

• 100% of respondents did not notice any side effects after use *

• 90% confirmed moisturizing effect *

• 90% of respondents rated the consistency of the cosmetic as appropriate *

• 90% rated the fragrance as pleasant and very pleasant *

• 90% confirmed ease of spreading and absorption on the skin *

• 85% confirmed the care effect of the cream *

• 85% confirmed improved skin smoothness *

• 85% confirmed improvement in skin softness *

• 75% confirmed improved skin elasticity *

Special offer** welcoming the new product ! 69 PLN, 16,95 EUR, 14,96 GBP, 439 CZK, 5 VP!

* based on application research

**(Given price does not include the partner's discount)

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