Facial cleansing foam now in offer at Colway International!

Facial cleansing foam now in offer at Colway International!

Introducing the new face washing cosmetic which has been designed using the latest biotechnology achievements. 

The most important task of the facial cleansing foam is effective purification combined with care for the microbiological balance of the skin, which determines its health, beautiful appearance and the ability to regenerate itself.

The form of a delicate foam with a subtle fragrance will spoil your skin and senses.

According to the philosophy of the new Hydro line, facial wash foam is enriched with algae bioferment. Due to the fermentation sugars found in algae are transformed into ingredients that are better absorbed by the skin.

The foam works as soon as it is applied onto the skin. It dissolves impurities, excess sebum and makeup, leaving the skin comfortably refreshed. It doesn't irritate the eyes, so it's great for eyeliner and mascara removal.

After applying the foam, the skin becomes smooth and radiant, ready for further care treatments. Thanks to the advanced biotechnologically and thoroughly tested active ingredients, it rebuilds the natural skin ecosystem, reduces redness and irritation.

Who do we dedicate this cosmetic to?

Everyone! If you want your facial wash foam to last a long time, it's better not to put it on the bathroom shelf. It is addictive after the first use.

This gentle and effective cosmetic will delight teenagers with acne skin, ladies and gentlemen with mature, dry, sensitive and demanding skin, it will also be a great complement to oily and combination skin.

Why do you love the new Hydro Facial Wash Foam?

  • For wonderful fragrant foam
  • For effects! It leaves the skin soft and radiant
  • For effectiveness -it cleanses the skin of excessive sebum, makeup and other impurities
  • For delicacy -it does not irritate or dry the skin
  • For the feeling of the skin care

In the composition of Facial cleansing foam you will find:

Fish collagen, Bull Kelp bioferment, Xylitol and Lactitol, Jojoba oil, Allantoin, D-panthenol and lactic acid.

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