Build spring resistance: Vitamin C-olway 30% cheaper!

Build spring resistance: Vitamin C-olway 30% cheaper!

In winter and early spring, the need of our bodies for vitamin C increases significantly. Vitamin C has an impact on our health, immunity, the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. It plays a leading role in the process of collagen formation - the protein of youth and the main component of connective tissue.

From today, it is from 29th of January until 18th of February, the price of a dietary supplement, Vitamin C-olway with collagen, drops by 30%. We have a special offer for new Members. When registering an account, for the first, 50-point order, new people can order this unique dietary supplement at a special price of 29.90 PLN.

Vitamin C-olway with collagen 30% cheaper!

Vitamin C-olway with collagen is obtained from wild rose fruits - record-breakers in terms of vitamin C content originating from nature. In one sachet there are as many as 1200 mg of vitamin C.

 The extract is standardized for 70% of vitamin C, which is an absolutely unique value in the effectiveness of "extracting" natural vitamin C from biomass.

The presence of flavonoids, phenolics, carotenoids and polyphenols in the composition of the dietary supplement increases the bioavailability by 4 times.

Vitamin C-olway is enriched with collagen hydrolysate from cod cultured in separate North Sea waters. It is a substrate with a very high content of valuable amino acids: proline and hydroxyproline. In one sachet, we closed 1,000 mg of collagen.

Remember - in the Vitamin C-olway sachet there is biomass - an extract from a natural substance. This means that depending on the batch of the product, its taste and appearance may vary.

Promotion available from the rank of Member.

Time for action: Welcome Program with Vitamin C-olway

New people can take advantage of the special promotion, from 29th of January until 18th of February. At this time, the future Member establishes an account in the system for 1 PLN, 1 EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK provided that the order is placed for min. of 1 VP.

Orders for min. of 50 VP we additionally reward with the possibility of purchasing Vitamin C-olway with collagen at the price of 29.90 PLN, 7.90 EUR, 5.90 GBP, 199 CZK!

Remember - beauty and health starts from the inside! Order Vitamin C-olway with collagen at a great price from the "Promotions" tab. Encourage registration and take advantage of the special offer - Vitamin C-olway at PLN 29.90, EUR 7.90, GBP 5.90, CZK 199.!

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