Baby Wash Gel is back on sale with a new price.

Baby Wash Gel is back on sale with a new price.

A fresh batch of Baby Wash Gel has just arrived in our shop. 

We know how important it is to take good care of your baby's skin, which is why our Baby Care Wash Gel is so gentle that it can be used from the first days of your baby's life.  

Older children love it because it lathers up great, smells lovely and doesn't sting their eyes, and the skin after washing is soft, moisturised, soft and actually doesn't need any more lotion after the bath!

And what do parents of toddlers love it for? For being sure that they nurture their child with a top-quality product, because we always choose proven, high-quality ingredients for our Baby Wash Gel. 

The dermis of babies and young children is thinner, more delicate and less resistant than that of an adult, and therefore more prone to dehydration or irritation. We know that we cannot make any compromises in the production of Baby Wash Gel. This is where quality counts. However, in order to maintain quality at the highest level, we had to face an increase in the price of ingredients and packaging, as a result of which the price of the product will increase slightly.

 We count on your understanding, because we know that for you too, quality is what makes Colway International products stand out.

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