Autumn Welcome Program

Autumn Welcome Program

Autumn is in Partner Marketing time to expand the network and prepare it for the intense time of December promotions, when the volumes reach the zenith. Together with the new solutions in the financial plan, the Welcome Program launches in a special autumn edition. From the 2nd of October to 22nd of October you will be able to invite new collaborators to your businesses on special, preferential terms. Both referrers and invited will benefit.


What benefits can you show?

Classically - registration for 1 PLN, 1 EUR and 1 GBP for the new people who will set up a "Member" account in the time range indicated by us: 2-22 October 2018, under a condition of placing an order with a minimum value of 1 VP. And this is not everything! New Member, who will place his first order for minimum of 50 VPs, will have the opportunity to choose one of three optional prizes: Anti-Age capsules, Cream for children or Slim Col - each for 1 PLN, 1 EUR and 1 GBP.

How will you benefit from it?

The Autumn Welcome Program rewards people who are actively building their network! If you register directly two people who will place an order for a minimum of 50 VPs, you will be able to order our bestseller: Collup - for only 4.90 EUR. Multiplicity applies! Four new members with orders for minimum of 50 VPs are two Collup packages, so you can spend them for prizes for the new people who are most active, or simply give away in your network.

About Collup supplement

The most important tissue of our body is connective tissue. It forms the basis and foundation of organs and tissues. Together with blood and lymph, it forms the internal environment of our body. Collagen is the main factor that determines whether our connective tissue in the good condition. Collagen provides the basis of the intercellular matrix of connective tissue. The actual biological age of the human body is determined by the condition of these proteins which are responsible for binding of all cells together. Our organism is ‘submerged’ in collagen, so collagen most closely reflects its biological potential. Whoever keeps good collagen in skin tissue, he is the one who look young for a long time.

Collup contains in its composition as many as sixteen substances, each of them and all combined together, acting in synergy, are designed to increase the maximum production of collagen in our body. In one capsule we have as much as 60 mg of fish collagen - it is a real peptide bomb and a full composition of collagen amino acids with a wide spectrum of impact on our organism.


Summary of the Welcome Program

• Duration: 2-22 October 2018

• Zones: all zones

• For whom: new Member accounts, people reactivating their accounts, Colway International clients

• Buy-in: 1 PLN, 1 EUR, 1 GBP, 10 CZK on condition of placing an order for min. 1 PZ

• Order for minimum of 50 VP: the opportunity to choose one of three optional prizes: Anti-Age capsules, Cream for children or Slim Col - each for 1 PLN, 1 EUR and 1 GBP.

• Register directly two Members and you will be able to buy a Collup supplement for 4.90 EUR. Multiplicity applies!

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