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    Total for Women

    Total for Women

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    Expiration date: 09.2018

    Total for Women is a dietary supplement for women who want to keep their body in good physical and mental well-being. For women who think about themselves today and care about their future.

    To function properly body cells need about 60 nutrients per day at appropriate proportions. The body is not able to produce nearly 40 of them itself. Depletion of food produced today impairs their acquisition even with varied diet. 

    Total for Women is a dietary supplement that takes care of a woman's body. 

    Total Women contains vitamins B - B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, and fat soluble vitamins.

    It additionally contains Coenzyme Q10 that occurs naturally in the mitochondria of the heart, the liver, kidneys and pancreas. With age, the ability to produce this substance decreases. In addition, stress inhibits its production. Energy produced in the mitochondria is used for biochemical processes that affect functioning of human body. 

    Dietary supplement Total for Women will take care of hair, skin and nails, due to the content of horsetail, nettle and bamboo. Tomato extract is a source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. It binds reactive oxygen species, which are considered to be carcinogenic and cause cardiovascular diseases. It also stimulates the immune system to function properly. This substance is not only able to neutralize free radicals, but it also can rebuild other antioxidants, eg. lutein. Bamboo content is the source of silica, which is a structural element of the connective tissue. Due to this characteristic it helps enhance healthy bones and joints. 


    protects against oxidative stress, takes part in proper functioning of the immune system and the thyroid gland, and regenerates hair and nails. 


    supports the work of the immune system, participates in maintaining proper acid-base balance, metabolism of carbohydrates, nutrients, macronutrients, and fatty acids, and the synthesis of DNA and protein. It supports cells protecting them against oxidative stress and it has a beneficial effect on maintaining proper fertility and normal reproductive function. Zinc helps maintain healthy bones, hair, nails and skin as well as the proper level of cognitive functions and vision. It regulates blood testosterone level.


    has a beneficial effect on maintaining proper metabolism of sulphuric amino acids. 


    ensures proper blood glucose levels and proper metabolism of macronutrients.


    protects against oxidative stress, and helps maintain healthy bones. It contributes to proper energy metabolism. 


    takes part in the proper functioning of the immune system and transport processes of iron in the body. It enhances regular energy metabolism and protects against free radicals. It keeps the connective tissue in good condition. 

    Vitamin B₂ 

    when at a proper level, it enhances red blood cells and mucous membranes, and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. It participates in energy metabolism, proper vision and functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin affects the skin appearance. 

    Vitamin B₁ 

    regulates energy metabolism and improves functioning of the nervous system and the heart.

    Vitamin E 

    protects against oxidative stress.


    is involved in the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, and transport of oxygen in the body. It maintains proper energy metabolism, cognitive function, and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. 

    Folic acid 

    takes part in functioning of the immune system and nervous system, in production of red blood cells, synthesis of amino acids and metabolism of homocysteine. It is responsible for normal mental functioning. 


    provides normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, and regulates blood pressure. 


    helps thyroid hormone action and enhances normal cognitive functions, energy metabolism and nervous system. 

    Vitamin A 

    known for its beneficial effect on the skin and mucous membranes. It supports proper vision, metabolism of iron and functioning of the immune system. 

    Vitamin B₁₂ 

    helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system, and the maintenance of normal mental functioning. It takes part in the production of red blood cells, and homocysteine metabolism. 

    Vitamin B₆ 

    participates in production of red blood cells, in the metabolism of homocysteine, protein and glycogen, and the synthesis of cysteine. It regulates hormonal activity, supports the functioning of the immune system and nervous system, eliminates tiredness and fatigue. 

    Vitamin D

    is responsible for proper functioning of the immune system, muscles, and calcium and phosphorus absorption and use. 

    Pantothenic acid

    provides for mental agility at the appropriate level. It maintains proper energy metabolism, synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D and certain neurotransmitters. It reduces the feelings of tiredness and fatigue.


    regulates electrolyte balance, functioning of the nervous system, protein synthesis, and is responsible for healthy bones and proper muscle functioning. This element is beneficial for proper energy metabolism, and reduces feelings of tiredness and fatigue at the same time. 


    contributes to proper functioning of the nervous system and maintaining mental functions. It provides for good condition of the mucous membranes and healthy skin. Biotin ensures proper energy metabolism and metabolism of macronutrients. 


    regulates functioning of the nervous system, the mental processes, and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. It helps maintain good condition of mucous membranes and skin. 


    a powerful antioxidant, supports a proper cardiovascular function, stabilises blood pressure. It prevents blood clots. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic properties. Also used in cancer prevention therapies. It improves blood circulation in the brain. It has anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. 

    Coenzyme Q10

    Human body produces it naturally, but it decreases with age. A stressful lifestyle also leads to its deficiency. It mainly occurs in liver, heart, kidneys and pancreas mitochondria, organelles found in cells, in which the biochemical processes of energy production take place. This energy is required for all life functions in human body.

    Składniki / Ingredients Zawartość w 1 szaszetce/
    Content in 1 
    % RWS (referencyjna wartość spożycia) /
    % NRV (Nutrient Reference Value)
    ekstrakt z owoców żurawiny wielkoowocowej / canberry fruit extract 100 mg -
    ekstrakt z ziela pokrzywy, w tym / nettle extract including
    ► krzemionka / silica
    50 mg
    3,5 mg
    ekstrakt z pędów bambusa, w tym / bamboo extract including
    ► krzemionka / silica
    50 mg
    35 mg
    ekstrakt z ziela skrzypu polnego, w tym / Horsetail extract including
    ► krzemionka / silica
    85 mg
    5,95 mg


    ekstrakt z pomidora, w tym / Tomato extract including
    ► likopen / lycopene

    14 mg
    0,84 mg

    ekstrakt ze skórek winogron, w tym / Grape seed extract including
    ► resweratrol
    / resveratrol

    20 mg
    6 mg
    ekstrakt z gorzkiej pomarańczy, w tym / Bitter Orange extract including
    bioflawonoidy / bioflavonoides
    11,11 mg
    10 mg
    koenzym Q10 / coenzyme Q10 2 mg -
    cynk / zinc 10 mg 100%
    mangan / manganese 2 mg 100%
    kwas pantotenowy / pantothenic acid 12 mg 200%
    miedź / copper 1 mg 100%
    selen / selenium 55 µg 100%
    witamina E / vitamin E 12 mg 100%
    witamina B6 / vitamin B6 5 mg 357,14%
    witamina B2 / vitamin B2 5 mg 357,14%
    witamina B1 / vitamin B1 5 mg 454,55%
    niacyna / niacin 16 mg 100%
    kwas foliowy / folic acid 400 µg 200%
    witamina A / vitamin A 800 µg 100%
    biotyna / biotin 50 µg 100%
    witamina D / vitamin D 10 µg 200%
    witamina B12 / vitamin B12 2,5 µg 100%
    potas / potassium 300 mg 15%
    magnez / magnesium 187,5 mg 50%
    żelazo / iron 20 mg 142,86%
    jod / iodine 150 µg 100%
    chrom / chromium 40 µg 100%
    molibden / molybdenum 50 µg 100%

    Consume 1 sachet daily dietary supplement Colway Total for Women with food or dissolved in a glass of water or a glass of orange juice.

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