ZUZANNA MAZUREK: "Be a great communicator"

Zuzanna Mazurek is a certified story and entrepreneurship coach, as well as business trainer. She supports her clients in building and growing their businesses. For over a decade she worked with world's biggest brands sharing her expertise on communication strategy, community relations and building their social responsibility footprint. Zuzanna has successfully lead many projects such as Bill Gates’ visit to Poland, launching the then largest Gillette blades and razors operations facility in the world and coordinating Wincanton’s PR activities in the CEE Region. She also worked for such renowned brands as Airbus, FedEx and finally Citi, where she coordinated the 200 years Citi anniversary. With Colway International for over a year. Now happy to be supporting the UK and Ireland markets.

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MARY JOYCE: „Using social media to build your business ”

Mary Joyce aka the ResourcesQueen is a Coach, Certified Trainer, Speaker, Writer and mum of two. She works with business owners, entrepreneurs, organisations including UK Government agencies, International corporate clients to maximise their resources, leverage strategic partnerships to grow their tribe and build a solid profitable business. Mary is also on the leadership team of Woman Speakers Association - the first global organisation for professional women speakers. ----------------------------------------

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