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Ewa Polok

Ewa Polok is not afraid of taking tough decisions. She believes in the goals she sets for herself and is very meticulous about planning the way to achieve them. She doesn’t let others influence her with their opinions or take away her motivation because she knows perfectly well which advice to take on board and which to shrug off. That’s a commendable attitude – approach of a true businesswoman...

Colway International: What did you do before you discovered affiliate marketing?

Ewa Polok: My background is in classic business and I have my own company, which used to engage exclusively in classic business. I have also worked as a brand manager. Not so long ago, I was actually offered a really high-paying job by a hotel, but I quickly began to feel suffocated. I lasted two months and at the beginning of August I finally resigned to join Colway International on a full-time basis. Now I focus all my efforts on C.I.

C.I.: How long did it take you to reach that decision?

E.P.: When a person like me, who used to be very sceptical and prejudiced against network marketing, decides to give up a well-paid full-time job for MLM, you can be sure it’s a carefully thought-out decision. And a decision like that has to be taken sooner or later. Going back and forth between a full-time job and MLM, trying to reconcile both things – I think it can’t really work out in the long run. In order to successfully attain all your goals, you have to dedicate all your time and energy to them. And that takes courage because not everyone is prepared for such a massive risk. I’ve taken it and I think it’s my greatest achievement so far.

C.I.: When did you decide that affiliate marketing was the thing for you?

E.P.: I live in an environment where MLM is considered evil incarnate. In Silesia, where I come from, there are many MLM companies that deceive people. These businesses take on new people, charge money, and then, instead of preparing them for the job, they leave them to their own devices. At best, many untrained newcomers end up with nothing, at worst – with a loan or in debt, and their failure stems from a lack of knowledge, information, training and tools. I’d heard many stories like that. That’s why I was ill-disposed towards multi-level marketing myself. To me, MLM was a concept that I couldn’t embrace for a long time. I only decided that multi-level marketing was just the thing for me when I learned about Colway International.

C.I.: What is it about Colway International that made you change your mind?

E.P.: I joined Colway Classic because I’d had very good experience with their products. I’d just had varicose vein surgery, I bought one of their products and everything healed in next to no time. That’s when I thought that I could sell such effective products. They were a perfect complement to the range offered by my company, through which I sold eco products. At the time, I wasn’t involved in the MLM system yet and I wasn’t building any structures. I was only engaged in sales via my own company.My approach to network marketing changed completely when Colway International appeared. I believe that the tools, materials and training system that Colway offers to us are all of top quality – I myself participate in all their training sessions. The company’s attitude and professionalism – that’s what convinced me to follow this direction, i.e. affiliate marketing.I can only become actively involved in selling a product when both the product and the company I cooperate with are of top quality and when I, myself, am fully convinced. My partnership with Colway International has met all three of these requirements.

C.I.: What do you believe is the key to success in this industry?

E.P.: A person who wants to become successful in affiliate marketing must have a goal. You need a great deal of strength, determination, self-discipline and a willingness to overcome your personal barriers. And you must not forget that working from home is still work. I wake up and get ready for work every day, even though I’m not physically going anywhere. I don’t sit around in a tracksuit when making phone calls; each morning, I get dressed as if I was going to appear in front of a thousand-strong audience, I do my make-up, I put on my stilettos. This makes me much more effective in getting appointments.

C.I.: Do you have any tips for beginners?

E.P.: Whenever I talk to someone who is just staring out in affiliate marketing, I tell them the same thing I once heard from a former boss of mine, a very wise man. He said to me then: “Ewa, you should only care about the judgements of people you consider your role models, those you’d like to follow. Only their opinions and advice should matter to you.” Any other people’s opinions don’t really matter, so you mustn’t let them destroy your motivation.

C.I.: Ewa, thank you very much for talking to us!

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Patrycja Pabich

Patrycja Pabich is fully aware of what she wants. She’s not afraid of changes, she faces challenges boldly and she doesn’t hesitate to take matters into her own hands. For the time being, affiliate marketing is an extra job for her, but Patrycja intends to devote all of her time to cooperation with Colway International in the nearest future. An on-line store, temperature-resistant collagen and an offer addressed to young people – she believes these are the company’s greatest assets.

Colway International: How did your adventure with affiliate marketing start?

Patrycja Pabich: With a product. Or, to be more precise, with my fascination with a certain product – that’s how I can really sum it up. It was a wash gel that really helped my child. My son suffered from atopic dermatitis, and the gel – which I got hold of through affiliate marketing – cured his condition. Today I think of multi-level marketing as something very positive. It certainly is a great thing, even though initially I was very sceptical about this form of making money. Back then I didn’t see it as an appealing occupation. If it hadn’t been for the gel that helped my little boy, I probably would have never considered the possibility of cooperating with Colway International.

C.I.: So your view of affiliate marketing has changed due to a very personal experience that inspired you to make changes in your professional life...

P.P.: That’s exactly what happened.

C.I.: What made Colway International an attractive business offer for you?

P.P.: Their on-line store and an offer addressed to young people. Besides, I have many friends scattered all over Poland and abroad, so the ability to contact them via Skype, over the internet or on the phone without having to drive to meet them in person is a huge advantage to me. Another advantage of this job is that Colway International, as opposed to other companies, offers more durable products that are resistant to higher temperatures.

C.I.: What gives you most satisfaction when working with Colway International?

P.P.: Meeting new people. Having an easier way to contact customers. These are the two most important things that give me most satisfaction.

C.I.: What are your business plans for the future?

P.P.: In the future, I’d like to devote myself 100% to affiliated marketing with Colway International. My ultimate goal is to pursue this occupation full time. Right now I am still employed with another company and my involvement with Colway International remains an extra job. But in the near future I intend to devote all my time exclusively to direct sales.

C.I.: Do you think that you need to have any special predispositions to be successful in this business?

P.P.: Yes, certainly. Most of all: determination. Determination is of key importance in this industry. You also need a clearly defined goal and consistency in taking successive steps that will get you closer to that goal every single day. Without determination, you will only drift further away from that goal.

C.I.: Patrycja, thank you very much for talking to us. We wish you continued success in the future!

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