Sales support

General Sales Manager

An internationally certified Business Coach from the International Coaching Community, a certified coach in the Points of You® method, a graduate in economics, and an educator. She’s been called an inspiration by many people. She specialises in searching for new perspectives, building open communications, discovering authenticity, personal leadership, building individual responsibility and taking authentic attitudes in various organisations. In the last 17 years she’s dedicated her work to sales in the banking sector. Before that, she worked as a journalist. Working with people is her passion and the path to her own development. That’s why her professional life is centred around coaching, working with people and for people. Her motto is: You cannot change the past, but you can create the future.

Za co odpowiada nasza General Sales Manager?

  • Business & Beauty Road Show
  • Academy of Recruitment and Sales Programme
  • Improving sales and recruitment efficiency
  • Providing support to Partners in understanding the financial plan, systems and goal-setting
  • Wellness Coordinator by Colway International
  • Dynamics of our structural development in the Polish zone

Beauty Trainer

An expert in advanced facial and body care. Dedicated coach and cosmetologist with passion and education. Professional in every way and above all empathetic and... very sympathetic! Meet the new Beauty Trainer at Colway International, who will run online and offline training for you. Agata Jurczyk completed her ‘Health promotion’ with a ‘Psychophysical and social factors counteracting aging’ specialization at a renowned Warsaw university, as well as a cosmetics school in Gdańsk. She also completed medical studies in an electroradiology department. She’s established her medical and cosmetological education with extensive experience. For 20 years, Agata has been providing training and teaching classes in authorised practices, in which she’s carried out specialised and personalised treatments. She’s gained experience in promoting luxury cosmetics brands such as Matis, Juvena, La Praire, Orlane, and Phyris. She’s also experienced in giving product presentations for new customers. For Avon, she ran a training program called ‘Proper Care Selection’ and ‘Colour Analysis with Image Creation’ for 15 years! Agata now runs product webinars, and responds to emails in the field of facial and body care.

What is our Beauty Trainer responsible for?

  • Running cosmetics webinars
  • Running cosmetics workshops and training sessions held by the Company
  • Providing advice on care with Colway International cosmetics

General Sales Manager on Italy & Luxemburg, Operations Manager

Alessandro Bruzzone has been working as General Sales Manager forn Italy since February 2017. A Master in Occupational Psychology and Organization at the University of Turin, since 2000 he has been living and working in Poland; Alessandro speaks Italian, English, Polish and German. Prior to joining C.I., he worked in both Italy and Poland as a Project Manager and General Manager at various commercial and production companies. He taught public speaking and self-management over time. In the last four years Alessandro has participated in the international MLM project in logistics, customer service and IT systems integration. He’s also opened branches in the USA, Russia and Ukraine. His passions are rugby and theatre. As General Sales Manager Italia, he intends to take care of business development and provide support in its development.

What is our Sales Manager Italy & Luxemburg, Operations Manager responsible for?

  • Technical support – assisting Italian partners with Virtual Office
  • Developing and implementing new procedures and solutions based on the needs of the Italian market
  • Solving problems with orders, payments and deliveries
  • Direct communication of promotions and new marketing programmes
  • Running training sessions, events and business meetings
  • Improving sales and recruitment efficiency
  • Marketing activities leading to market development
  • Assisting in recruiting campaigns
  • Running webinars in Italian
  • Providing support to Partners from the Italian market – helping them understand the financial plan and goal-setting activities
  • Taking care of the dynamic structural development of his zone

Sales Manager Bulgaria

Rafał Pawłowski, Colway International Bulgarian market coordinator. Professional salesperson with 15 years of experience, including 7 years in telecoms. Rafał has placed in the TOP 50 Best Sellers five times, and is the winner of a Trader of the Year award. Educated in an international environment at high school in the United States, he speaks fluent Bulgarian, English and native Polish. A keen traveller who enjoys fishing and snowboarding in his free time.

What is our Sales Manager Bulgaria responsible for?

  • Running training sessions, events and business meetings
  • Improving sales and recruitment efficiency
  • Direct communication and customisation of messages for the needs of the Bulgarian market
  • Marketing activities leading to market development
  • Assisting in preparing recruitment campaigns
  • Running webinars in Bulgarian
  • Providing support to Partners from the Bulgarian market – helping them understand the financial plan and goal-setting activities
  • Taking care of the dynamic structural development of his zone