Varied, picturesque and exotic. Africa is waiting!

40/2019 QW, i.e. 1.10.2019, The qualifications for the next International Conference organized by Colway International have started.
Which important part of the world will we visit this time?

Discover the cradle of humanity with us. Everything is amazing here.

A country where one of the most important discoveries in human evolution studies was made. Homeland of the primeval mother of Homo Sapiens. Everything is amazing here.

Immerse yourself in primal nature. See the sun-burnt deserts reaching up to the horizon and quiet mountain valleys. Learn the absolute law of savanna.

National parks and reserves provide shelter for the oldest wild animals on Earth. Here, zebras, hippos, giraffes, cheetahs and jackals live in the wild. Feel the thrill of adventure and capture with the camera the big African five: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard. Marvel at antelopes, gazelles, monkeys, ostriches and crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Rest under a great baobab with a view of the vast plain. It is here where the Maasai faithful to tradition continue their eternal customs. They do not succumb to the influence and temptation of modern civilization, putting their values above all else.

See thousands of colourful flamingos wading at the shore of the Nakuru lake, famous for its geysers and hot springs.

The white beaches of the Indian Ocean are covered with coconut palm trees, and the coastal waters are rich in fabulously colourful coral reefs. Diving enthusiasts will feel like in paradise here.

Experience the meeting with the local culture. Be amazed by her mosaic. Listen to the magic language of Swahili ... and digo, meru, embu, dahalo, kiamu, kikamba, ragoli, pokomo, maa. It is a colourful world of over 40 nations living on a common ground.


What should I do to qualify for the International Conference Colway International in Kenya? ?

You Can BE THERE. With Us.

Depending on the Rank in the indicated time you should be promoted or promote a person in your group who will qualify for the Conference under the conditions below.

Qualification period: from 40/2019 QW (i.e. 1/10/2019) to 27/2020 QW (i.e. 6/7/2020) ) – in total 40 weeks.

Partner Invitations for Partners Invitations for Accopanying Persons
Maintain rank For how long?
Progressing to VD rank or higher for the first time Free of charge Free of charge VD or higher 12 QW
50% of the price 9 QW
Not participating in the previous CI International Conferences while at VD rank or higher Free of charge VD or higher 12 QW
50% of the price 9 QW
Participants of previous International Conferences will receive extended qualifications by email.


Get inspired by business-wise with synergy and the dynamics of their mutual relations.
Spark the wildness in your heart. Africa is waiting. Thrilling, like the sounds of Maasai drums.
Unbridled. Varied, picturesque and exotic. It ignites hearts and imagination.

You can be there with us!