New-generation ColamiD now on sale!

New-generation ColamiD now on sale!

The new ColamiD combines a concentrate of three cod fish (cod, saithe and haddock) from the clean, open, north Atlantic Norwegian waters, with vitamin D (2000 IU) and K2 (75 ug). The existing ColamiD recipe has been modified to contain whole fish instead of bones, significantly more vitamin D and K2, and an enriched mineral composition (due to increased social awareness about  the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in modern food).

The fish concentrate we use contains lots of micronutrients, phosphates and calcium. The fish used to produce the concentrate are wild, caught in the open ocean. Thanks to this, their bodies do not contain heavy metals, pesticides or other contaminants, and this has been confirmed by appropriate testing and certification. 

Just two ColamiD capsules a day will supplement the omega-3 acids protecting you from prostate cancer, and provide overall better health. They add a sufficient daily dose of vitamin K2, and also vitamin D in summer. In less sunny seasons (or when we’re not exposed to the sun), it’s worth supplementing ColamiD with another preparation, with even more vitamin D. Or, even better, taking more ColamiD capsules!

The new-generation ColamiD works well with other Colway International supplements. It is also a perfect, modern complement to the food and supplements of other companies. We no longer have to eat fish every day to be healthy and look good. New ColamiD – a combination of future-oriented nutrition technology and a nutritional approach with ancient vitality.


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