Deo roll-on natural protection

Deo roll-on natural protection

Effective and completely natural – that was the idea behind our new Safe & Save product. In the last QW, we welcomed a new star to the Colway International cosmetics line – Deo roll-on, which provides natural protection and comfort. 

Why are safety and natural ingredients so important in a deodorant? Ignoring manufacturers’ guidelines (or simply not knowing the guidelines), we apply antiperspirants to skin that’s been freshly washed, or irritated after hair removal, thus accelerating the absorption of controversial substances into our body. This happens every day, 365 days a year. 

Can you imagine a day without using a deodorant or antiperspirant? Exactly! And what if we have a really busy lifestyle? High temperatures, stress, work, gym and swimming usually lead a shower, after which we apply deodorant or antiperspirant to our skin once again... Do you know how such products works? 

How does classic antiperspirant work? 

Sprays, sticks, roll-ons... regardless of their form, antiperspirants are usually simple chemical products. Their active substance is aluminium salts (INCI: Aluminium Chlorohydrate), which is absorbed through the sweat glands, causing them to shrink. This consequently leads to a reduction or complete blocking of sweat secretion. Aluminium salts also have anti-bacterial properties, which prevent unpleasant smells. Antiperspirants work up to around a dozen hours and should be removed from the skin in the evening. Do you remember to wash it off in the evening? We assume you don’t... But don’t worry! You don’t need to rely on such radical solutions as washing to feel comfortable! 

Do you sweat? This means everything is fine with your body. Sweat serves a purpose! 

Sweat secretion is a natural process in the human body. It regulates heat exchange, removes toxins and keeps the right balance of bacterial microflora on the skin. Complete inhibition of this process with the use of strong antiperspirants is harmful to humans. It can cause a variety of problems, such as local skin inflammation and a disrupted water-electrolyte balance.

Aluminium salts vs breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Blocking sweat production is just one of the concerns that make us turn to natural solutions. 

Why do manufacturers warn us not to apply antiperspirants immediately after hair removal? It’s to stop aluminium from being absorbed by the body through micro-damage on the skin. Does this mean that aluminium is unsafe? Can it be absorbed by our bodies even if there is no micro-damage?

Aluminium salts (ACH), as an active substance, have recently been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. However, to date such links have not been scientifically proven. 

Current data from Great Britain shows that large amounts of aluminium salts have been seen to have accumulated in the breast tissue of certain breast cancer patients. Due to the proximity of the armpit and the mammary glands, many researchers suggest that there may possibly be a correlation between the use of antiperspirants and breast cancer incidence. Whether the demonstrated presence of aluminium in patients’ bodies actually is related to the use of antiperspirants, is still not clear. 

White and yellow stains on fabric 

Blocked sweat production and the suspected link with cancer are not the only possible problems with products containing aluminium. Once applied, the aluminium contained in antiperspirants can appear on dark clothes as white, powdery marks, and on light-coloured clothes it can leave yellow stains, after reacting with your sweat. 

Manufacturers have tried to reduce the staining problem by adding, for example, silicone. Therefore, we get a product rich not only in aluminium, but also silicone. And this is what we’re applying to the delicate skin near our lymph nodes EVERY DAY! 

Fortunately, natural protection against unpleasant smells is also possible! 

Our Deo roll-on is a natural product which decreases sweat secretion and eliminates unpleasant odours. No aluminium, no silicone, no parabens. To make you feel comfortable all day long, we use field horsetail and sage, which reduce sweat production and have antiseptic properties, as well as diatomaceous earth, which absorbs sweat and smells from the skin. Let’s take a closer look at the active ingredients in this product. 

Deo roll-on contains a botanical complex, combining the power of field horsetail, sage and glycol. These carefully selected ingredients play an important role in slowing down sweat production, reducing bacterial multiplication and softening the skin. 

Field horsetail is an important element of Deo roll-on’s composition – this seemingly common plant is invaluable in cosmetology! The properties of field horsetail have been known since ancient times, but the boom in chemicals and cosmetics led to their becoming forgotten for decades. Field horsetail is a source of many active substances, with the most important being soluble silicon compounds (approx. 10%). The plant also contains flavonoids, vitamins, saponins, organic acids and mineral ingredients. So what role does it play in our Deo roll-on? When applied to the skin, field horsetail has sebostatic properties (meaning that it normalises sebum secretion), and strengthens blood vessels, protecting them against breaking. It also reduces sweat production. 

To ensure optimum results, we also added sage extract. Back in Renaissance times, people believed that swallowing sage leaves, with spells written on them, protected them from malaria and demons, and if eaten in May, sage could give you eternal life. Ancient medics believed it offered nearly miraculous results. Well... we don’t have to believe in miracles now. We know that sage extract dissolves the microorganisms producing unpleasant smells on the skin and slows down sweat secretion, which is why it was included in our Deo roll-on. On top of that, the glycol contained in the product soothes and moisturises the skin.  

So what else can you find in our new product? Earth! But no ordinary earth. Diatomaceous earth (also known as D.E., diatomite or kieselgur) is a natural mineral sedimentary rock, mainly composed of diatom shells. Diatoms are single-cell algae that have been around for millions of years. Their cellular membrane, or ‘shell’, contains silica (i.e. silicon dioxide). In Deo roll-on, it absorbs sweat and smells from the skin, dries quickly and leaves the skin soft to the touch. But there’s more – it also accelerates sweat evaporation.   

Another ingredient of our Deo roll-on is Tapioca flour. But what exactly is this trendy Tapioca, which is becoming more and more popular in both cosmetology and in the kitchen? It’s a starch product produced using Manioc (Cassava), a shrub found in – amongst other places – Brazil, Mexico, India, Bolivia and Paraguay. Manioc has been known of for centuries, and was first grown by Brazilian Indians. It is a perfect carrier for oils and extracts, including our sage extract, as well as other liquids insoluble in water. In Deo roll-on, it also absorbs moisture, and when applied to your skin, makes it soft and smooth.  

Who is Deo roll-on recommended for?

Men and women

Vegans: with its natural composition, it’s 100% suitable

People who care about personal safety: it contains no aluminium salts, SLS or parabens 

Is Deo roll-on really effective? 

Our Deo roll-on, just like chemical products, inhibits multiplication of the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell of sweat, but just does it without any unnecessary chemicals in its composition. In addition, it partially reduces sweat production. Deo roll-on is perfect for everyday use and is completely safe.  

However, it’s not a good choice for people who suffer with excessive perspiration. In such cases, you should consult a doctor to identify the cause of the problem, instead of using any kind of sweat blockers. 

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