Collup – why is it worthwhile?

Collup – why is it worthwhile?

Connective tissue is the most important tissue in our body, forming the basis and foundation of all our organs and tissues. Together with our blood and lymph nodes, it forms the internal environment of the body. And collagen determines the good condition of this connective tissue. 

Collagen provides the basis for the intercellular matrix of connective tissue.

The actual biological age of a human body determines the condition of these proteins, binding all of our cells. 

Our organism is virtually ‘submerged’ in collagen, so collagen most closely reflects its biological potential. 

As long as we maintain good collagen in our skin tissues, we’ll look young. 

Collup contains as many as sixteen substances, each of which individually (and all together) act in synergy to increase the maximum production of collagen in our body. 

One capsule contains as much as 60 mg of fish collagen – this is a real peptide bomb, and a full composition of collagen amino acids with a wide spectrum of impact on the body. 

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